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Argan Oil

Argan Oil

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Experience Nourished, Moisturized Hair with Unrivaled Shine

Soleil Argan Healing Oil 24K Gold is your key to luxurious hair care. Perfect for nourishing and nurturing your locks, this exceptional oil is designed to seal in moisture and provide instant, radiant shine. Say goodbye to frizz and split ends as this golden elixir works its magic, leaving your hair with a softer, more flexible appearance. Elevate your haircare routine with Soleil and enjoy the beauty of nourished, lustrous locks.
How To Use:
Follow these simple steps to indulge your hair in a luxurious treatment:

1. Clean Hair: Begin with clean, dry, or slightly damp hair.

2. Warm and Apply: Depending on your hair length, dispense a few drops of oil into your palm. Rub your palms together to warm the oil.

3. Apply to Ends: Gently apply the oil to the ends of your hair. If desired, you can run your fingers through your hair to distribute the oil slightly up the strands.

4. Avoid Scalp: Avoid applying oil to your scalp, especially if you have oily hair.

5. Style or Rest: Proceed with your desired styling routine or let your hair rest to absorb the benefits.

6. Enjoy the Shine: Admire your shiny, nourished hair. Hair oil not only adds luster but also helps combat frizz and dryness.

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